Click below to find out more about our Nursing & Outpatient Rehab Center

Click below to find out more about our Nursing & Outpatient Rehab Center

Home Sweet Home.

Those words have real meaning to the owners and staff at Schulenburg Regency Nursing Center.  We understand that the decision to entrust the care of a loved one to someone else isn’t always easy.  We know that what you really want for your loved one is a place that is like home.  A place where love, understanding, and gentle care are evident in every action and every decision.  A place where your loved one will feel needed and wanted.  A place, quite simply, where they will be comfortable, secure - and happy.

That’s why we take the words “Home Sweet Home” so seriously.  You see, our desire is to be an extended family of your loved one.  A family that specialized in care for the elderly.  A family that knows the special needs of people at this stage of their life and wants to meet those needs lovingly.  A family that wants your loved one to feel “at home” when living at Schulenburg Regency.

Schulenburg Regency Nursing Center is a locally owned, 146 resident facility that specializes in the care of the elderly.  The facility is fully licensed by the state of Texas and our staff and management are among the highest qualified professionals you’ll find in our area.  Regency accepts private, Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Our nursing center is vitally interested in providing the love and attention that the residents need to live happy, comfortable lives.  We believe that the best nursing care combines medical attention with loving attention.  Providing that level of care is our major focus at Schulenburg Regency Nursing Center.

As people-oriented professionals, we strive to develop caring relationships with each resident individually.  Our desire is to give each person who comes our way the kind of personal attention we would give our own family members.  In doing so, we find that our residents become an extended family to us, a family that we cherish and care about deeply.
And, our experience in caring for people at this stage in life has convinced us that involvement by their families is highly important.  We strive to know our residents’ families as well as we know our residents, and we strongly encourage interaction by the families at every possible opportunity - whether it’s joining our activities or simply stopping by to visit us.

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